Trabajo a jóvenes en Ciudad Sandino
La Prensa 1/14/13


Casi medio millón de dólares destinará ICCO& Kerk in Actie en Nicaragua, para la ejecución del programa Construyendo Seguridad a Través del Empoderamiento de las Personas en Latinoamérica, con el objetivo de fortalecer las habilidades laborales y el emprendedurismo en unos 250 jóvenes de entre 16 y 24 años, habitantes de Ciudad Sandino. Esto mediante formación técnica para elaborar planes de negocios. Este proyecto es parte de una iniciativa regional de ICCO & Kerk in Actie, que abarca cinco países de Latinoamérica.

Half of a million dollars was allocated by ICCO to empower 250 young adults between the age of 14 and 25 in strengthening entrepreneurship and job skills in Sandino, Nicaragua. 

ICCO (acronym is Dutch for Interchurch Organization for Development) is an international nonprofit organization based out of the Netherlands dedicated to reduce poverty and increase justice around the world so that people can live a life of dignity and prosperity. They do this by supporting projects that run parallel with their three programs: 

1. Basic Social Services: "education, health care, water and food for all"
2. Economic Development: improving the income of small-scale entrepreneurs and their families in      developing countries
3. Working on Democracy and Peace: supports initiatives that further a stable political situation and the emancipation of underprivileged groups

For more information on ICCO, click HERE and HERE 



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