Casa Xalteva is a Spanish language school located right outside of downtown Granada. They provide personal lessons to solo travelers or groups. The school is named after the Xalteva church with is located directly next-door. The photo in the slideshow above with the bright yellow tall building is the church.

The style of learning is very conversational and meant to be taught like conversation in real life situations would occur. Each lesson is four hours long. This week from 1-5 and next week, 8am-noon. They provide the opportunity for students to teach english to Nica children, which I hope to be helping with next week. They also provide the opportunity for travelers to go on excursions in the area. They organized my home stay with Gloria which is only about 3 blocks from the school itself. Everyone who works here is extremely friendly but won't talk to you in anything but Spanish which forces you to continue speaking it throughout the day. 

I have found two other solo travelers that will be staying the next two weeks and we're already making plans to explore the next few days. I have found the lessons to be extremely challenging to concentrate on for fours hours at a time but a coffee break in-between makes it all better. My brain is fried by the end of the day. But a good fried, like delicious huevos y hamón (fried eggs and ham).

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