The Keene State College Fair Trade Club was officially founded November 1st, 2011 but initially started as an "interest group" in 2010. Our mission as a club is help educate the student population on what options are available on campus, why these options are important and have each student be more conscious of their buying patterns. 

We do this by hosting events on campus such as Fair Trade movie nights, FT valentines to cocoa farmers, inter clubbing at other club events, tabling, and our biggest event that we host with the IST Measuring Fair Trade Statistics classes each year called the Keene State College Fair Trade Faire (Link to our event page last year is HERE).

The Fair Trade Faire is a giant success every year. Companies from all over the region are invited to sell items or bring samples to share with students. We also organize with companies the chance for ones who aren't able to attend the faire to send us their merchandise to sell for them. The main goal for hosting this event is to create an exciting, interactive learning environment for students to ask questions about what purchasing Fair Trade means.

I am proud to say that I am one of the "founding fathers" of the club because of the already large impact it has had on campus. Since the beginning, we have all seen a dramatic increase in awareness on the topic. Students recognize me as, "the Fair Trade girl." We have even managed to gain more product on campus by proving that the students want to have more options available to them. Knowing that what we are doing is aiding others around the world is something to really cherish. It might sound like a distant relationship with farmers and artisans that are thousands and thousands of miles away, but its really not that far at all. 

"We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society." -Martin Luther King
Link to the Keene State College Fair Trade Facebook page HERE



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