Sorry for the lack of writing and uploads, good connections to internet are hard to come by down here. 

So yesterday I arrived in Granada after leaving Maderas. A friend from Maderas, Michelle, decided to come with me and spend her last two days with me and my home stay. The ride was about 2 hours long but felt more like 30 minutes. The main roads are paved very well and like any developing country, barely has a speed limit and passing rules are nonexistent. The area around San Juan was almost all torn up dirt roads with enormous hills. 

My first class at Casa Xalteva was very cool. My teacher is Sergio, a 30 something Nicaraguan who learned to speak English when his cousins from Virginia (who taunt him with their "I'm better because I'm living in America" way) told him that he would never be able to speak it. To prove them wrong, he studied english from popular American music… Pretty incredible. 

He spent the first two hours pretending not how to speak any English which forced me to muster everything I ever learned in my six years of classes in high school and middle school to speak with him. It was amazing to see how much I could actually remember. We went out into town and bought a Nica cell phone (cost about $20 in all and seems to work the whole time I'm here)

After the 5 hour lesson, Michelle and I were walked to our home-stay house!!!!! I'll put up some photos later today!



Mom and Dad
01/22/2013 8:52pm

Love the pics. Can you add captions? Who are the girls on the sailboat? Is nalani there? Is that your host family home? Love all of the commentary and photos. Keep them coming. We miss you. Love MOM and DAD

Suzanne Barberio
01/22/2013 9:09pm

Great update. keep them coming. Mom mom is not sure how to message you. She says "hi".


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