It has been PRETTY incredible first few days in Nicaragua and at Maderas Village. Internet connection has been minimal and honestly I haven't had that much of an issue with it! I was greeted by DeWitt at 1:30am (after a quite stressful 19 hours of traveling), one of the villagers here who opened his arms to myself and Andrea (new frand, taxi-sharer, meal-sharer, yoga instructor). Staying at Maderas has given a great introduction to "Nica-time" and all that constitutes the relaxed lifestyle each person accepts and embraces. This family style hotel/village brings people from all over the world who all have a similar taste in life. Would also like to mention that Justin-Bobby from the Hills hangs here regularly if that says anything (which it does)! At this point, the transition so far has been a success. Plans have been molding for all of the work I'll be doing in the next couple weeks, can't wait to get started! Spanish classes in Granada start Monday! Thanks for the glimpse of paradise Maderas!!!


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