This is a blog post written by Matt Dickinson "Dickie" of Maderas Village. I think it clearly defines the way most should aspire to live like. We all get caught up in the rush-through, money-making, advancing-to-the-next-best-thing lifestyle of fast paced societies but it is important to reflect and analyze what you're doing to see if that's what really makes you happy. These guys have the right idea. Can't wait to visit and see how they work. 

"November 12th, 2012
Developing Paradise
Matt Dickinson, Maderas Village 

Some claim it’s foolish to devote your life, time, and money to the pursuit of paradise. Others call it hedonistic, irresponsible, self-indulgent, or risky

We don’t dispute any of these claims; for those of us living, working, or staying at The Maderas Village we just don’t see any other way.

For us, living a life in which you look forward to getting out of bed in the morning, in which you find yourself grinning at the hilarity of even the most stressful obstacles, in which you smile more than you frown, is simply how we believe we were meant to exist.

This isn’t to suggest we lack ambition or fit the disenchanted expat stereotype normally associated with those that leave the world behind in search of something with meaning. We just want to live a life that’s not boring, that presents excitement on a daily basis, that plays out like the pages of a book you actually want to read, rather than a book that’s on the required reading list. We want to die knowing that we lived for passion, rather than for money, societally-influenced ambitions, or pressures from the flock.

We still fall prey to the lack of patience associated with our on-demand generation; we’re just more demanding. We work tirelessly for the purpose of actualizing the utopian life we’re trying to create for ourselves, but refuse to work for face time, or because someone says we have to. We surf when we want to surf, but for pleasure, not status. We live when, how, and where we want. We believe it’s more fun to act out our own screenplay, rather than read aloud a script written for the masses of generations past.

This blog will be a reflection of the partners, residents, and guests of the Maderas Village; a collection of stories, opinions, and ideas shared by ourselves and those that decide to join us."



Todd Bryan's
04/04/2013 1:56pm

Hi, Matt. I very briefly met Jane Curtis, who is with you now, on the ski hill last weekend. I'm seriously considering staying with you in mid July and/or early August. Which time do you recommend? I have had one surf lesson last year in Tamarindo. Best wishes, Todd

Kelsey Bumsted
04/04/2013 4:37pm

Hey Todd! I'm actually not Matt but his email is:

July and August are rainy season down here but I've heard that it's still a really enjoyable time. Right now everything is dead and dry so it will be beautiful and jungle-esc. There are many many beginner surfers down here and really great surf instructors that you can get for only $25 a lesson. I recommend Juan Carlos aka JC. As far as swell goes, I think it should be fine. The biggest waves come around November.

Matt aka Dickie will be able to give you far more information but I recommend it 100%. I've visited twice now since January and I can't wait to return.


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