Had an unexpected adventure to a little town about 40 minutes from Granada today! Sergio and I sat down for our lesson when Andre, the head honcho at Casa Xalteva invited us to come with a few other students from the school. I didn't really understand where it was that we were going but I couldn't imagine sitting through another 4 hour lesson. I really only think it's a struggle because my lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day (and usually biggest meals of my life)- today it was rice, beans, salsa, avocado, sausage, hotdog, keilbasa, tortilla and mashed potatoes. All I want to for the next 6 hours after my meal is sleep!!! 

Started our trip off at a little ceramic making shop. It starts with taking a hard rock (found in various areas of Nica), breaking it down into smaller pieces, placing it in a vat where they add water and then spend four hours stomping it with their feet. By stomping, I mean dancing. We didn't actually do this (thank gooooodness) but they did have an example of what it looks like shown here. From there, they collect the now fresh clay and wrap it in blankets t hold its moisture. 

Next, we were invited to watch as one of the workers used a wheel to form a vase from their homemade clay. He made it look reeeeal easy. I tried next but I knew it wouldn't turn out too well (If it says anything, I took home one piece during an entire semester of high school ceramics class)
(Bottom right corner is my Spanish teacher, Sergio)
The clay must then dry for 4 more hours before they can use necessary tools to shine, shape and decorate. Two people were working on mugs while we were there. The next process, we didn't see in action but the items would then be placed in the kiln with gloss to help strengthen and harden the ceramic. 


Big Rob
01/25/2013 4:35pm

Finally we get To see you in a photo! Doesn't look like the rice and beans have taken hold yet..still as thin as ever! BTW...I need a new penny jar and that one looks perfect...Love Ya!


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