Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time. I walked into a bookstore in downtown Granada the other day and was greeted by the store owner and another man named Jim. We all got to talking and I found out Jim owns a coconut oil company based out of Nicaragua. Turns out, Jim just happened to know another friend of mine who helped me set up my trip to Nicaragua!

Pearl Lagoon Coconut Oil Company works with families on the eastern, Caribbean side of Nicaragua in small discrete villages that take tens of hours to drive to. Tough terrain and lack of good infrastructure creates barriers on their ride to the families.

Coconut Oil Co. started when a Peace Corps volunteer from Pearl Lagoon who was living next to the coconut farm and Jim himself began the steps necessary to begin an operation to start a business.The process to make one gallon of oil takes about 10 hours. The families do not have electricity so everything must be done by hand. They begin by cutting the husks with a machete and shredding the coconut. They then hand press the coconut shreddings and let them soak for hours. 

My favorite part to the entire company is Jim's commitment to help provide these families with a fair wage. He has already increased their pay by 20% since the start in 2011. A goal of theirs is to have electricity for these families. The Pearl Lagoon Coconut Oil company sells to over 60 locations within Nica, Costa Rica and the United States. This gives these families in one of the most remote places in the world, an opportunity for an international market that they never would have had access to without the start of this business. 

Here is the link to their site HERE where you also have the opportunity to buy their product.



01/28/2013 4:53pm

They do have electricity provided by solar panels. I installed them. :)

Come out to the coast one day and I will introduce you to Gene, Mrs. Suzanney and the other people who work to make coconut oil out in Rocky Point.

Say hi to Jim for me,


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