What are your personal views on education? 

We've grown up reading textbooks, taking exams, writing essays, taking the SAT or MCAT, and receiving grades that people look at as a reflection of their own intelligence or stupidity. Without this expensive piece of paper, there is no way in hell that we would be "successful." How could we make MONEY without one? It'll only take 25 years to pay off these student loans compared to 30 if I go to this school instead. SOCIETY will think less of me if I don't go to a successful ivy league, how embarrassing...... 

WAKE UP CALL. I have strong opinions against the traditional education system. Please read this blog post by a friend of mine who studied in Thailand last semester and gained an entirely new perspective on the education system she's known for years. 

We both realized in our experience abroad that the only way to really learn anything is to be self motivated and find inspiration in a topic that you find interesting.. no matter what it may be. Of course, reading, researching and understanding the core basic information is INCREDIBLY important, but why does our society revolve around basing our intelligence and success on diplomas, school names, and grades. 

Understanding perspectives and seeing these topics first hand are what make education real. Problem solving, feeling, and relating should all be the most important aspects.

Read Marissa's blog post HERE

Here is another article relating to the never ending, no-pay or minimum wage internship cycle that students are often trapped in between college graduation and the real-world...... HERE



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