This Sunday I had the chance to participate with the Global Brigades Nicaragua team in a six hour first aid training. You never know when you'll need to use it on brigades! 

It was really really cool to compare to different first aid trainings I've been a part of in the U.S. Instead of learning how to use braces and different types of techniques for wraps and bandages, we experiments with wooden slabs and cloth. The ambulance system isn't reliable here. It can often take 30 minutes and more for one to arrive at the scene of an accident and they don't always have the necessary items to help the injured person. Nicaraguans will do what they can to help with the items that they have on hand. 

Should also mention that the entire 6 hours was entirely spanish speaking. My head felt like smoosh when 3pm rolled around. It wasn't until the very end when the First Aid teacher came up to me and said (IN ENGLISH), "Thank you for coming to Nicaragua and this presentation. We welcome foreigners and we're happy you're here." I was very thankful, appreciative and mentally exhausted.


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