Saturday, Nicole (GB Nicaragua worker) and I decided to catch a free ride with the Technicals from GB Nicaragua to come to Honduras to work in their offices for the week! We drove North about 2 hours to the border, and another two hours North to Santa Lucia! The border consisted of them checking our passport at 3 different checkpoints, getting it stamped and forking over $12. There were Honduran army men with machine guns strapped to their chest everywhere we turned. Here's a look at what I've seen so far...

We are living in a town called Santa Lucia about 40 minutes outside of the capital Tegucigalpa. Because of the higher elevation, we are surrounded by green pine trees, which I haven't seen since I left home. We climb hills everywhere we go that give views of distant shanty towns and farms. Santa Lucia is surrounded by beautiful national parks. 

Tegucigalpa has a population of just over a million people but because of the rolling hills and lack of skyscrapers for a city, it is spread out over 77 square miles. Teguci has the highest murder rate in the world... Mom and Dad don't freak out!.. We work in a very safe, secure building with security guards and painful looking wired fences. I would be more worried if we were located in the neighborhoods you can see in the distance of the photos below. The government sets up checkpoints along the roads every few miles where police and army men all armed with machine guns pull over random cars to question. It isn't uncommon for similar looking security guards to be hired to hang out in stores. They even line the entrance of grocery stores, banks, office buildings, corner stores and hotels. I've seen so many now that it's beginning to look normal.



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