Expanding on my earlier post about the security measures that Honduras has been taking, I thought I would do a little research on why the Honduran Army wanders every street corner in Tegucigalpa. According to the US Professional Military Magazine, Diálago, earlier this month, extreme measures were taken by the government to attempt to stop drug smuggling through the country.  According to a paper written by the Global Brigades Honduras staff, they wrote:

  • Because Honduras is right in the middle of the Americas, a lot of drugs go through here and for drug cartels, it is a convenient place to establish their cases. This is also the reason why territory conflicts arise and as a result, murders, kidnappings, assaults, etc.

  • However it is not the Hondurans that consume these drugs. Hondurans are too poor to afford the luxury of using these drugs, they are simply passed through here on their way to North America.

Before Operation Freedom, these checkpoints used to be held by positions of Honduran police. Below is the article written by Diálago with the link HERE


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