Last week I had the chance to venture out to Playa Gigante on the Western Coast. North of San Juan del Sur, this little get away is a small tourist location with lots of character. While I call it a tourist location, I should also mention that that means a couple hostels and a couple local restaurants with the Nicaraguan basics plus international flare. I stayed at the hostel called Camino del Gigante. for $13 dollars a night, I stayed in a sweet, simple little wooden room with a slice of a view of the ocean and the full blown sounds of the miniature waves. 

We decided to eat lunch at a local restaurant further down the beach and a climb up a steep hill. A local directed us there and we were nervous how it might turn out as we were walking through the neighborhoods. Getting to the top of the hill, we arrived at a GOREGOUS cliff view of another beach on the other side. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me but it probably wouldn't have done it justice. We ordered a traditional fish dish with the common sides of white rice, fried plantains and "salad" which usually consists of cabbage and tomatoes. 

Later that night we decided to walk along the beach during the bright full moon. Off in the distance we heard guitar strumming and hints of singing and laughter. Following our ears, we came upon five Spanish volunteers singing and dancing to Bob Marley, Hotel California and Spanish melodies before their 9pm dinner in their friend's house on the beach. 

Gigante was a wonderful trip with lots to do, definitely worth a getaway visit. Watch out for jellyfish! 



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